Updated 6th October 2023

What property refurbishment grants are available to renovate a house?

Here is a summary to Property Refurbishment Grants available in 2023.

In September 2022 the Government introduced the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant.  The grant is administered by the Local Authority. The Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant is a grant that is available if you are turning a vacant house or building into your permanent home or a rental property.

A grant of up to €50,000 is available to refurbish the property. If the property is deemed to be derelict, i.e. structurally unsound and dangerous, a grant of up to €70,000 is available and this must be supported by an independent building condition assessment report with photographic evidence that has been prepared by a qualified professional, to confirm that the property is structurally unsound and dangerous.

The grant applies to qualifying vacant properties in cities, towns, villages and rural parts of the country.

The scheme is limited to one rental property and one principal residence per applicant. It is not available to companies or developers.  The grant can be claimed in addition to the SEAI grants which are set out below.

To qualify for the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant, you must:

  • Have proof of ownership or evidence of active negotiations to buy the property (that is, confirmation of engagement from the estate agent or owner of the property).
  • Have proof that the property has been vacant for two years, and it was built prior to 2007.
  • Live in the property as your principal private residence or make it available for rent.

This can be shown by utility bills showing low or zero electricity usage and has to be validated by the Local Authority prior to grant approval.

  • A quotation for the proposed works.

There is a cap on the amount of grant that be claimed under each category or works carried out which should be reviewed prior to making the application.

There are clawback provisions if the principal residence is sold within 5 years, or 10 years in the case of a rental property of the date of payment of the grant.  The scheme also provides for a charge being placed against the property as security by the Local Authority.


Derelict Property Top-up Grant

If the refurbishment costs exceed €50,000, a top-up grant amount of up to €20,000 is available. To get this top-up grant, you must confirm that the property is derelict. This means that the property is structurally unsound and dangerous. The total grant available for a derelict property is therefore €70,000.


SEAI Energy Upgrade Grant

Properties being refurbished can also avail of the SEAI Energy Upgrade Grants to cover upgrades to

– attic insulation                   ( up to €1,500)

– cavity wall insulation       ( up to  €1,700),

– dry lining                            ( up to €4,500),

– external insulation             ( up to €8,000)

– heating control upgrades ( up to €700)

– heat pumps                         ( up to €6,500)

– solar water heating            ( up to €1,200)

– solar PV                               ( up to €2,400)

Grant for conservation advice for refurbishing traditional farmhouses

If you have a traditional farmhouse and want to apply for the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant, you can get an additional grant of up to €7,500 for expert conservation advice on how to refurbish your vacant property.

The Conservation Advice Grant Scheme for Vacant Traditional Farmhouses was launched on 14 June 2023. Under the Scheme, you can get an experienced conservation expert to complete a survey of your property and write a report (pdf) with conservation advice on how best to refurbish it.

To qualify for the scheme, the property must be a traditional farmhouse or cottage. This means that it is a modest house, built using traditional techniques and local materials, such as thatch, stone, slate, earth, wattle and un-sawn timber.

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